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Converse City Forests

Converse City Forests is a global Converse initiative that is spreading “green murals” in cities around the world through the use of a photocatalytic ink, which uses solar energy to help purify the local air, breaking down harmful air pollutants and converting them in harmless substances.

The initiative already has completed murals in Bangkok, Warsaw, Belgrade, Santiago, Sydney and São Paulo, where Dabba assumed the local management of the project and played a key role in mapping the best location for the intervention – a building located on the side of the an elevated avenue in the center of São Paulo, a place with a high density of cars and highly polluted – in addition to the artistic curatorship and the entire production and execution of the project with the guest artist, Rimon Guimarães, and also the documentation of the entire production process of the artwork in partnership with Vurb.

The 777m2 panel is equivalent to 750 planted trees and the work was named “Pindorama”, inspired by the native peoples, at a time when São Paulo was a jungle, but not yet made of stone. By the end of the year, the project foresees the production of more than 14 thousand square meters of murals around the world in 13 cities, the equivalent of planting approximately 40 thousand trees. 

To learn more, check out the project's website:



Artistic curatorship
Executive production
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